I need help playing with 4 decks and use loops and bringing my DJing to the next leve
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    Default I need help playing with 4 decks and use loops and bringing my DJing to the next leve

    Hey guys,

    some days ago, I was behind the stage when Pleasurekraft dropped an amazing set and he played with 4 decks and used many loops. Like he used loops on nearly every track to bring them in, followed by a huge drop and another and another. (I think you get the idea).
    He managed keep the energy high due to this all the time.
    I was pretty impressed how good he played, so I tried it at home, but I failed pretty hard.

    Since that evening I cant get rid of the idea to bring my Djing to the next level, because I'm bored of sticking just songs together..
    So, maybe you could help me and tell me how this works, or tell me if there are any tricks or do's and dont's
    If there is a tutorial or smth I'd really appreciate it but I'd thank you for every advice or input I can get from you guys.

    Best regards, EK

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    Try using Traktor with remix decks. Start out using a simple drum loop and move from there. Get an F1 controller to use for the remix decks. You can find songs separated into remix decks on Beatport and other places. NI also some free remix deck content on their website.

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    I was on stage behind him at the Avalon in Los Angeles one night...great DJ...

    try using loops every other song...then work it all in from there...let your brain and fingers get used to it...
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    You have to be REALLY careful when using loops. Sometimes, a really subtle loop (a hi-hat or shaker pattern) are all that you need.

    In the same way that you have a library of songs (even if it's only in your head) for DJ'ing, you should also have a library of loops that you know very well.

    Also, especially for drum patterns, you should have variations of each loop.
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    Mixing loops or tracks with 4 decks (or more , or less) allow you to be very creative, but it's a subtle work and as some others said before, sometine, just a snare or a high hat is enough. This kinf of mix suit most of the time wit minimal tracks. When mixing with 4 decks and loop, you're best 4 or 5 loops can quickly turn into a nightmare tracks if you just put them together to just for get 4 loops. You have to know where you want to go in your music journey and always remember that's not quantity of loops, but quality of seklected loops and quality of the way you will put inside and outside the mix each loops you select. That's mean you have also to well know your set up (controller, mixer, software,etc...) because mixing with loops it's a big time consumer so keep a simple set up and don't change or modify your gear every 3 month. Be careful not to be focus too much on the gear technical aspect as you can quicly loose your creativity, but also loose the crowd if you play at gig.

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