F1 not selectable in ports with user mapping
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    Default F1 not selectable in ports with user mapping

    Hey guys I have a quick question.

    I'm having issues with my f1 not comming up on the ports dropdown list. I can select it with a user map or the default, but with my imported mapping it doesn't show up. I have everything correct as it's the same mapping I've had for years. I know this has happened to me before.

    What is the fix for this. Again I have everything setup correctly.


    Edit* Using traktor 2.7 now. Mapping is from version 2.5
    Anything labeled as 'Generic Midi' doesn't have my F1 on the ports dropdown menus.
    When I re-import the mapping it always just says "n/a" or "None" on the in and out ports.
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    You have to set which kind of mapping layer you use, either native (user) or midi in the F1 options. Then it will set up itself when you press shift + browse.
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