Syncing Traktor with Maschine Software.
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    Default Syncing Traktor with Maschine Software.

    Ok so first of all, hello guys, haven't posted here in a bit. I came across a problem which I kindly ask solution for, yesterday I followed the video how to sync traktor with maschine software (maschine mikro) and everything works perfect, but I can't seem to just dedicate the maschine to channel 4 on my mixer, it just runs straight to master... I don't have mac so I used loopbe midi thingy to sync it all up. In traktor generic midi I specify deck D as destination, nothing. I have allen heath db4 mixer, and I want to just dedicate channel 4 for maschine.

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    Hey Mockus,

    Do you have some sort of virtual audio drivers installed?
    You need to send audio signal from Maschine software output device and route it to Deck D audio input in Traktor's preferences. Then set Deck D playback mode as a Live Input.

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