Can you record a mix in traktor LE 2 ?
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    Default Can you record a mix in traktor LE 2 ?

    Hey, so i just upgraded my equipment currently using 2 NDX 800 controllers and a behringer DDM 4000 mixer. And i switched to traktor LE 2, so i was wondering if there is any way to record my mixes in traktor without buying recording equipment? Or if anyone has any other ideas that are cheap and enable me to record a mix that would be great

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    take a chinch to trs cable. plug in chinch cable to your mixers tape out (IIRC thats what it's called for this model) plug into your laptops mic in. Download audacity, record, thats it.

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    The mic channel, depending on your input, could be mono, so take the regular audio input (usually blue).

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