Oswald is releasing their followup single "Flying To The Ground" in February 2010 and offering you the chance to submit your own remix of the track. All of the submitted tracks will be uploaded to the Oswald official website, where fans will vote on their favorite remix.

"If we, the bands management, agree with the outcome of the voting then we will actually release it as part of the digital bundle to all major online retailers including iTunes, which will not only give you massive exposure but financial rewards too! If your remix is one of the ones chosen, you will receive 15% of all sales revenue generated from your remix."

Contest page

Oswald is a three-piece rock band from Glasgow in Scotland. Inspired by his dad's eclectic and "awesome" record collection, front man Tom writes songs with as broad a brush as any sonically mature outfit would, covering the strident melodies of The Rolling Stones to The Hours, with a sense of epicness akin to U2.

Unsurprising then that former U2 A&R Nick Stewart found in Oswald a sound which he describes as being "the real deal". Being exposed to different music in their collective adolescence, Oswald instantly hit on a big pop sound which, while being gentle, has a commanding lyrical and melodious clout; putting their songs carefully between confident and the vulnerable.