nexus & rekordbox question
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    Default nexus & rekordbox question

    hi guys, playing for the first time on the nexus next week at a club. Tracks have been processed in mixed in key first and now in rekordbox, all is well. Can i ask does the traffic light system match further keys eg. let's say your in 1A, will it suggest 2A, 3A, 8A, 5A &10A which are all compatible? or will it just select 2a & 3a. Also in rekordbox when clicking the match tracks button does this then transfer over to the cdjs so when your track is plating you have a list of your own matched tracks? Thanks in advance

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    no to both questions. it does not take into account "energy boost" key changes for the traffic light system. and match tracks only shows up inside the software, not on the CDJ's

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