New Gear: How to sync it up? [ NI Z2 + Numark T.62 + Maschine Mikro]
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    Default New Gear: How to sync it up? [ NI Z2 + Numark T.62 + Maschine Mikro]

    Hey DJTTF,

    I posted a few weeks back about potentially changing my setup and within 24 hours I was able to find a buyer for my DDJ-SX

    So, I got a big box full of toys and now it's time to figure out how to make it work.

    I picked up a NI Z2, Numark T62 and already had a Maschine Mikro.

    So i'm asking for your help with (2) things.

    1) How can I get the T62 to be integrated with Traktor Pro 2 Scratch software? I couldn't get it sorted in my 45 min attempt (will try again this weekend).

    2) Once everything is paired up, how can i timecode my Maschine Mikro as it's own deck to launch loops, drums and samples?

    Much love!

    -Bryan Isaac

    Edit: I'm coming from playing with Traktor Pro a handful of times when it first came out to jumping into Serato DJ (what a joke) for the last few years and now I'm back to Traktor but it's changed quite a bit)
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    CDJ's in the future ? Naturally.

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    You'll need timecode vinyls for your turntables for them to work with traktor.

    As for the maschine mikro, theres a couple of ways. You can route the audio from the maschine software to traktor and have a dedicated channel on the Z2, or if you have an external soundcard you can route it through that and then plug that into the Mic input to control the volume, freeing up a channel on the mixer. You won't be able to EQ that from the Z2 though.

    Edit: You might find this useful.
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