I have been using the vci-100 with traktor and the fast track pro for about 6 months now. More recently I have been having audio dropouts where traktor continues to run but the audio completely stops. It usually requires a restart and as these dropouts are becoming more frequent, I need to solution.

Im running a Dell XPS 1530 with twin 2.6Ghz processors and 4Gb of ram on vista ultimate. I've tweaked vista for optimal performance and it rarely the cpu rarely gets over 5% when using traktor. So after hours of research I'd like to know the most simple way of stopping these dropouts.

Can I:
1. Under the properties of the USB port it states that the FTP is only using only 200mA of power, is this enough, and how would I increase that?
2. In the IRQ report it states that the usb ports are conflicting with each other, how do I allow manual changing of IRQ's in vista?
3. Will using and external power adaptor help at all, if so what exactly do I need?
4. Finally is Tos's in line capacitor fix the only way to solve this problem?

Sorry for the long post with multiple questions, but after reading countless pages of forums about this problem I thought this community might be the only place I can get a solid answer.