Hey guys,

I'm upgrading my MIDI keyboard, as I want more knobs and hands-on control over my DAW & plugins, but want one with MIDI out as I use keys to control my Maschine.

I currently have a Novation Impulse 25 but, the knobs are honestly ridiculous, WAY to loose/turn to fast.

So I'm looking at two that are in my budget.

The Alesis VI25, around 110. Has the right amount of things that I needs

The AKAI MPK225, around 150. Has a good amount of knobs and stuff, but of course is a bit more pricey than the Alesis.

Can anyone recommend one?

I genuinely just need a midi keyboard that has a fair amount of knobs and buttons that I can map to my DAW (I'm using Logic Pro 9 & X),

I want to control my plugins, and the standard transport control for logic, like play, stop, loop, record etc.

25 keys, and straight forward when it comes to mapping/using with my DAW.