Hello everybody. I'm posting here since I've seen "For advice on what gear to buy use the general forum" line on hardware forum, and made a search but didn't come up with anything.

I am new to djing, so I am in need of help with some things. My question is, I bought a numark mixtrack pro 3 for starting, and enjoy using it with serato. I am planning my final setup as a tattoo maniac (sorry for the expression =) ) plans the full body tattoo for 50 years later

What I want to do is to just play loops or certain parts of songs by my controller, using effects and samplers and loops and everything; and play live on these. I need to perform this to myself at first to improve of course, therefore I am planning to buy a midi keyboard with drum pads. So I am thinking about using ableton live for the live part, and serato for controller part, on the same pc. At first, do you think this will work? Second, even though after seeing mpk 25 in Hannes Bieger's studio I kind of made up my mind, I want to get your ideas. Would you suggest akai mpk 25, mpk mini or lpd8 with lpk 25 (or only lpd8)? Given that I am not going to play on BBC 1, that set up should satisfy me until I make some money I think.

One last question, do you think is it possible to map mixtrack pro's pads as drumpad for ableton? If so I will try to do that instead of buying things. Consider I will be using same controller for two different softwares with two different mappings.

Thank you very much, sorry for such long post =)

p.s : Everything I do and plan happens to be framed with a limited budget of a student. That's why I am so whining for 50 worthy of equipment