Recording Vinyl Mixes on Traktor
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    Default Recording Vinyl Mixes on Traktor

    My current set-up consists of a DDJ-SX hooked up to traktor connected to the DDJ-SX is 2 Reloop RP 4000s i can get sound via the built in mixer but at the moment i can't record the vinyl. Looking for some help to see if its possible to do this.

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    If I remember correctly, inputs on the SX are not connected to the sound interface. That's why timecode is not possible on the SX and probably recording of external sourced in Serato DJ.

    "The DDJ-SX mixer acts as an ANALOG mixer when an external device is plugged in.
    IE a Turntable, CDJ, Mic - the signal passes through the mixer and no signal goes back into the SERATO DJ Software.

    If you connected your BOOTH output back into your line input and use recording software like AUDACITY (which is free to download) you would then be able to record the MIC signal.

    I would recommend running out of the SECOND MASTER OUTPUT and into your line input, this will allow for a STEREO mix to be recorded, which will sound a lot nicer."
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