Using Traktor Kontrol S4, Maschine Studio, And Komplete Kontrol S49 Together
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    Default Using Traktor Kontrol S4, Maschine Studio, And Komplete Kontrol S49 Together

    Okay quick question,

    I currently am using the S4 with one turntable for scratching.
    I also incorporate live drumming and live synths over my tracks for a live performance effect.

    I use 2 Computers: one for maschine and komplete kontrol keyboard, then the other for traktor and my F1.

    Does maschine hook up to traktor? Is there anyway i could run all of this through one computer? (may be a complete CPU overload).

    I'm trying to use my scarlette 2i2 currently to run them both into.. Using the usb port for my maschine and komplete, then using the two import channels for my S4 to run into.
    Not working yet but i can get it soon i think.

    Anyone else using similar setup?
    Any idea? Tricks? Tips?

    What I'd love to do, is to be able to live record from maschine and Komplete Kontrol straight into the Traktor remix decks! But i'm not sure that is possible yet........?

    Thinking of snagging the newest NS7iii and ditching the S4 ... that would put my maschine pads right one my controller, then i'd only be figuring out how to connect my keyboard.

    Anyone seen DJ-Fly on the NS7iii? awesome routine:

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    Hooking up Traktor with Maschine is a nightmare. Even when it works, it's unreliable, loses sync all the time and requires lots more latency.
    Seriously, I would't bother. I own a Maschine Mk2 myself and just gave up after a while.

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