Pioneer XDJ1000 & Traktor Kontrol Z2
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    Default Pioneer XDJ1000 & Traktor Kontrol Z2

    I am looking at upgrading my system. Anyone use this combination? How are the XDJ's with Traktor? I would be using them together with my F1 for remix decks.

    How is the HID mode working?
    What is the bet way to set them up? I am assuming a USB from each unit to the computer (powered hub) then RCA's to the mixer?
    Which audio interface do I use? The Z2? does the XDJ have an audio interface?

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    USB from each unit to the Z2 hub. USB from Z2 to the computer.
    I would use the Z2 interface. When you want to mix with music from XDJ, connect them via RCA cable to the Z2 and set traktor decks to "Live input"
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