Performance 'high' while DJing... or lack thereof...
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    Default Performance 'high' while DJing... or lack thereof...

    So I just read 'How To Make DJing Fun Again' article again and learned a lot from it.
    I do have some feedback that you may be able to help.
    I've been radio and mobile DJ-ing for several years. The 2 businesses are entirely different.
    I frequently DJ local parties, weddings, dances and many other events. I put everything into every gig and the crowd more often that not loves the party and has a great time. I read the crowd, take requests, everything goes without a hitch. Good times had by all.
    My goto hardware is the Traktor S4, a very capable deck for live remixing, mashups, and on producing live on the spot.
    Here's the thing. Most of the parties I DJ the people just want songs with no flair, no remixing or anything. Most of the time I feel like 'DJ Pandora' playing one song after the next with the occasional announcements and party games. Most of the gigs I do that is all that expected and nothing more. I feel I need to put more passion and energy into each show to earn my play. Perhaps that comes from being a professional drummer for many years. It's hard work but a damn good time!
    Please believe me I'm not complaining at all. I put so much passion into my gigs and preparing for them. Some nights I literally feel like they would've been better off pressing play on the playlist. I've not earned the money I just got paid. There is no performance 'high.' Yet all of the party attendees are usually so pleased and had a great time and thank me at the end of the night. I'm always glad to DJ any event.
    I'm nowhere near the level of Ian Golden, or Jazzy Jeff or Mad Zach but I am a decent DJ.
    Suggestions on how to get that performance 'High' in DJ-ing? Thought? :
    Thank you so very much!

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    Start searching underground club gigs where people appreciate the skill rather than being spoonfed whatever.
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    I've not earned the money I just got paid.
    Can't say I do not recognise this, very happy I don't take those gigs anymore.
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    It's all about the music you play. You are stuck in the same AC/DC, Kayne West, Obligatory Disco record rut. One of the biggest rushes I get from playing out is when you drop a track that you found on your own. You haven't heard it anywhere else. No podcasts. No essential mix. Nothing spoon fed. You found it organically. And now you are going to play it for everyone to hear.

    The places you play are very safe environments to play in. The crowds there couldn't care less about the DJ or their craft. (nor should they)

    If you play EDM and Radio Rap then you are stuck with being a jukebox. Big room leaves you a little more wiggles room but you are still a slave to the popular stuff.
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