Traktor suddenly slows down
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    Default Traktor suddenly slows down

    Hey guys! Need your help.

    For the past few weeks I had this issue: 5 out of 10 times I'm playing, for no aparent reason, tracks that are playing slow down drasticly, songs drop to like 20 bpms. Moving the tempo faders or swapping songs do nothing and I have to restart the software.

    I have all my drivers and software up to date, and run no other programs next to Traktor. My hardware is a Kontrol 2 with a Dell laptop running windows 10 (just updated from windows 8 since the problem started while having that OS and thought maybe upgrading would fix the problem).
    I've emptied the trash bin, defragmented the disk, etc.
    The laptop has an intel i7 processor with 16 GBs of RAM so hardware shouldn't be an issue. I can't detect a specific reason why this happens, it feels random. Biggest problem is it has already happened while playing at a club which is a huge no no.

    Thanks for your help!

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    How long while playing does this happen? 40- 45 mins?
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    Sometimes earlier. 20 mins in.

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    CPU temp?

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    As in temperature? Computer has just been booted. And this is at home with a lot of ventilation. I've played for 4 hours at a club with no problem. It is very random :S

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    I'm still on windows 8.1, I have the problem of Traktor slowing down due to windows all of a sudden thinking I am doing nothing (whilst mixing) and so it decides that it will start scanning and cleaning because I am "idle"

    It's a massive pain, you can't actually turn it off without it turning itself back on (the scan/maintenance). I did find a way to do it, but it still turned itself back on. Stupid maintenance drives me insane. Always when you're choosing the next track seconds before you need to mix it in... ARGHHHHHH FREEEZE...

    If you find a fix for it, let me know.
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