Hi everyone

I am using Traktor Pro software for dj'ing about 1,5 year.
It's really very powerfull instrument, that gives possibility to make good mixes even with a beginner equipment.
I would like to expand the level of my entry system.

At this moment I have Traktor Pro 2.6 software, Hercules Dj Control Air (2 channel digital mixer), Sven speakers, NI Audio Kontrol 1 audio interface and Android device.
I would like to configure the Traktro pro software for 4 decks (i.e. 4 channels) and use 2 channels as inputs for Android/IOS device and Microphone.
I hope to make more FX from Andorid device using external apps (like touchosc, saucillator and etc.) and be able to record microphone live.
Here is pictures of my system and connection points.

Who knows, how to connect all that things? (seems I need some more cables, but don't know which).
Also maybe there is some other cool schemes of connections whic I can use with that equipment.
Thanks for help in advance.