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    so here i stand 3 months later and a vast majority of my library converted. however im still unclear as to what exactly is going on with my files. when the software says x number of repaired clipped peaks, what exactly is clipping? also when i have the Traktor Pro auto gain feature enabled i notice my files still come in at different levels. would i be crazy to believe that my files (which where supposed to be normalized via Platinum Notes) should have the same db properties?

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    hi smoosh.
    If you load a track up in audition or audacity and have a good look at the peaks, you will notice that some of them have a flat spot right at the top which indicate that some clipping has occured. Now when you play back these tunes, you may or may not notice some distortion depending on the severity of the clips. what PN does is sort of smooth these over to reduce the clipping and you get a better sound from your song. If you do any production, you may have heard of Ozone which the nuts and bolts of PN come from.
    I wouldn't be concerned about how many clips that PN repairs, a lot of them are so minor you wouldn't have noticed them anyway. You will find that even tunes that you buy off beatport, iTunes etc can still benefit from PN (even if you don't notice any improvement). Personally i've found that tunes around the 192-220 mark get the most benefit from processing, and for the most part sound fantastic. (there is always the odd track that it screws up, but only say 1 in 20)
    Now with the gain, IMO they set it too low in PN so i would recommend something like mp3gain to normalise your tunes. If you do this you can turn off the autogain in traktor, this process makes it obsolete.
    I've almost finished processing our whole collection, but geez it takes ages lol. good luck to ya buddy.
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    Quick comment on Platinum Notes and a lot of "heavier" music up on Beatport and Juno, especially in the electro house/rave side of things:

    A very close buddy of mine pretty much exclusively plays these sorts of tunes. Bit of a local hero at that.

    Full disclosure, there's not much difference with him before and after in terms of clipping peaks and out of control transients.

    There's so much top-end compression on heavier tracks these days that it's a bit of an upsell on MIK's part. That's not even mentioning how many young new jack producers these days are using judicious compression as overdrive.

    If you're ripping vinyl, use platinum notes for the sake of your sanity.

    If you're buying/blogging your tracks, save your money. And salt.

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