[REMIX CONTEST] Remix the soundtrack by Fredrika Stahl of the movie "TOMORROW"
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    Remix the soundtrack by Fredrika Stahl of the movie "Tomorrow".

    Prizes: The winning remix is going to be signed with B Original Label (Cristal Records) and Sony Publishing. The best remix will also be released on the official digital soundtrack of the movie.

    Jury: Frederika Stahl herself is going to lead the jury, Cristal Records, Sony Publishing and Cyril Dion (the director of the movie) are also part of the jury.

    Download the stems and participate: http://www.soonvibes.com/demainlefilm

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    I dig some of the tunes in the trailer and could see coming up with some cool stuff for it, but trying to register keeps telling me that my email address is invalid (which it isn't) or the password is invalid (and I tried three different ones)
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