Hey guys/gals,

3 months ago I moved to Portugal with my Mum.
Part of the deal moving out here was that I had space to be able to create a proper studio

The plan is to soundproof & acoustically treat the room and use it to Produce, Record live instruments & Mix in.

The room I have is currently is 3.5m wide x 4.8m long.

Thick stone walls on 3 sides & a thin wall dividing the 2 downstairs storage rooms.

The dimensions will change a little bit once I have battened, insulated, double layer sound boarded and acoustically treated the space.

I get to start attacking it sometime next year when we start to refurbish the house... It's going to take a year or so to be fully completed.

Originally I was thinking about creating a recording booth in part of the room and having the rest as the production side. However I don't think the space is big enough, so a couple questions...

Would it better to use the whole room or create a recording booth? For drums, bass, guitar, vocals etc...

Would acoustically treating the whole room (I mean acoustic foam tiles on the walls & ceiling with bass traps in corners and a double layer of carpet on a thick concrete floor) by a good idea for recording purposes or is this overkill?

I plan on using this space for myself & friends/randoms to use semi professionally.

It's always been a dream to have a studio & now I have the ability to create that dream
I am planning on using the store room located in the bottom of the farm house (closest door you can see in the below pic).

Thanks for any advice or input you can give me.