CDJ 400 + DJM 400 + Traktor Help
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    Default CDJ 400 + DJM 400 + Traktor Help

    Hi, I have come across a few similar threads and have watched numerous videos on setting this up but I still have sound only coming from one channel on the mixer (right side). Both CDJ's work when l load a song, but because the sound only coming out one channel I'm unable to mix. I have tried going through the set up wizard multiple times in Traktor and have also went into my Midi settings and have created a Aggregate device? I know a lot of people have has the same problem so if anyone can pin point whats going on and have a solution it would be awesome and very much appreciated. Im running Max OS X 10.11.1 and Traktor Pro. I have uploaded a few screenshots in case that would be of any help.

    During Traktor set up wizard I chose Yes for external controller then chose Pioneer and CDJ 400.
    Chose no for external mixer.
    Then not sure if I should choose
    2 track Decks + Remix Deck
    2 Track deck
    4 Track Decks
    2 Track decks + 2 live inputs

    I have tried 2 track and it came out left channel switched to 4 deck came out right channel what am i doing wrong??
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    Did you aggregate the two cdjs to one virtually sound interface? Because Traktor can only handle one sound interface.
    Your pictures are way to small to see your settings.
    You don´t need to run the wizard.

    Connect the 2 cdjs, set them to pc/midi mode.
    Aggregate both to one virtual sound interface in OSX´audio/midi setup.
    Open Traktor, set it to external mode and choose the aggregated sound interface.
    Connect the cdjs to your mixer.
    Load/map a proper tsi for the (old) cdjs400 and the (newer) TraktorPro.

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