Vestax VCI 100 Genreal Questions (non SE)
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    Default Vestax VCI 100 Genreal Questions (non SE)


    I couldn't find a thread to help out us newbies, so I thought I'd start one

    I "stumbled" upon this site and discovered the VCI 100 which seems just awesome. I was considering purchasing PCDJ with the DAC3 controller - that option is completely out of the question now that I found the VCI 100!

    Does anyone know if the VCI 100 and Traktor 3 LE works with Windows Vista?

    And which sound card would ya'll recommend between these 2:


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    The VCI-100 and Traktor should work, you just want to make sure the drivers for your sound card options are there.

    My friend uses the fast track pro for recording and broadcasting his sets and it works well for him. I'd approve it.
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