Automix Crossfade Still Garbage
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    Default Automix Crossfade Still Garbage

    Why is it that we live in the year 2016 and audio software still can't figure out auto mix?

    I'm not even referring to auto BPM matching beat matching phrase matching blend mixing. (Which Mixmeister did pretty well back in 2008.)

    I'm talking about clean FM radio station style playlist blending.

    What DJ just slowly slides the fader from A>B . That always sounds like crap.

    You wait till track A is fading, or you manually fade track A slowly out, and pop track B at full level.

    Winamp use to have a killer plug-in that would do this. Why can't iTunes, Traktor, Serato, DJay Pro etc. acomplish this?

    Here is the old plug-in:

    RIP Winamp

    Found some old quotes:

    "Thanks JonnyMac; unfortunately it's just no match for ACF. The best feature of ACF (for me at least) isn't so much its crossfading but actually its gap killer, which brings in the next track when the current song is fading out. Winamp's crossfader has a "silence remover" which is similar, but rather than layer the next track over the end of the current one as ACF does, it just abrubtly switches to the next track and cuts off the end of the current one, which just isn't acceptable for DJ work. If Winamp's crossfader"

    "You are absolutely correct! I've been using ACF for a long time too and nothing comes close. I'm an old AOR radio jock and seques were my specialty and this program comes close to the way I used"
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    IIRC the program we used at my college radio station, AudioVault, had something to that effect. My the difference seemed to be it started song B when song A reached a certain volume near the end of the track. So if song A ends very loudly, it ends right at end of the song with a cut to song B. Whereas if song A has a fade out (or even prolonged silence or very quiet music with no sudden jump up) song B would start with x amount of seconds left.

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