Can't drop LOOP to Remix deck + staying in sync
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    Default Can't drop LOOP to Remix deck + staying in sync

    Hi Folks,

    i have a to me tricky problem that i can not figure out.

    The way i play, is live tearing tracks apart and remixing them live. So in my setup i have deck a + b regular and Deck C as a remix deck.

    now i set a loop on a couple of kicks in deck a and want that in a slot in my remix deck. currently unmapped i drag and drop it from deck a into a free slot in the remix deck.

    But it seems impossible to have that done in sync, the loop will always be out of sync. All decks have the sync button on, and i have already experimented with the auto sync getting the tempo from the tracks and with using the master clock sync

    In my dream setup i would set the loop with my vci 400 and map a button that would drop it to deck c free sample slot. Keep it playing while searching the next bits from another song in deck a which then can be discarded.

    Anybody has an idea? Maybe you even have the time to try it out and reproduce it.

    All help is highly appreciated


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    Each sample cell also has a Sync Function that syncs it to the Remix Deck's Tempo. You can open the Advanced Layout on Deck C&D and mouse click on the sample cell to check the setting. It's right next to the the sample functions 'Backward', 'Trigger' and 'Type'.

    I usually fill all sample cells with a NULL sample (1 sec of silence) and adjust them with the settings i want. Then, when i overwrite them with a new sample, the settings will be the same as the NULL sample. I think...
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    I always set the deck that I'm sampling from as the master tempo, and make sure that the Remix Deck is sync'd to it.
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