Ableton with pioneer djm-750
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    Default Ableton with pioneer djm-750

    Hey guys
    I'm new here and first of all nice to meet you!

    I'd like to ask if anyone here is using ableton with a pioneer djm-750.
    I'm preparing a new live set and what I'm trying to figure out is if I can control straight with the usb connection of the djm-750 4 audio track in ableton. I'd like to send track 1 from ableton to ch 1 of the djm-750, track 2 to ch 2, 3 to ch 3 and 4 to ch 4.
    Basically instead of sending 4 channels from traktor to the 4 channels of the djm i need to send 4 channels from ableton to the djm.
    Is here anyone using this setup? or tried before?

    In theory it seems possible but i didn't find a lot of info around and before buying a djm-750 i just want a few more info/ideas/advice.

    I can also solve this with an external soundcard with 4 stereo outputs, but the amount of cables will be too much since i already run a controller and preparing an external send/return "loop" with some analog effects.

    Thanks a lot for you help

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    yeah, you can do that
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