Hey guys new around here posted myself in the intro. 26 year old DJ in my first year got a Traktor s4 MK2 reside in Windsor Ontario Canada.

Hope there are not 1200 articles about this. Still new and dont know my way around much. Please delete if in the wrong spot dont want to start a flame war.

I have downloaded the custom s4 MAPPING for super effects and all the other benifits and it is awesome. Just great. But one of the preset effects you can click using the remix decks. Slot 4 the delay. Seems very awkward and hard to use. It has a tendancy to stay on and i cant turn the effect off and messes me up live. Instead of just avoid it because i will need a delay often i was wondering if anyone could chime in on how to properly use these remix deck premapped effects properly.

Thanks guys!