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    Making a mashup in ableton, trying to change the seg bpm of track but its only changing the bpm of the first 2 bars of the whole track. Wtf is this about

    Cheers guys

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    That's because you've only got that particular segment selected when you change the seg. bpm (I'm guessing you've got a pair, or group, of warp markers selected?).

    If you want to change the BPM of the WHOLE track, just change Lives Master Tempo to the BPM you want it to play at.

    I've NEVER altered the Seg. BPM of ANYTHING in Live ever... I didn't even know you could overwrite it!
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    the BPM is wierd in ableton...

    first you need to select the first mark in your audio file and set the bpm to it... then take the last mark in your file and change the bpm...

    Each warp marker has its own bpm set to it. thats why It is only changing the 2 bars.

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