Best way to share my mix with promoters/club owners/people in the industry?
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    Default Best way to share my mix with promoters/club owners/people in the industry?

    So I have finally created my first mix tailored to my style and where I would like to DJ. Now My question is whats the best format to share this in should I have promoters a cd (is that outdated now), do I give a business card with links, Get there twitter and DM them? Let me know which you have found to work best for you and of course any feedback on mix is much appreciated thank you all and keep spinnin!
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    Sorry to say this, but I think you're getting way ahead of yourself. If you've just finished your first mix, why do you already think of "the industry"?
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    I'm going to be painfully honest with you buddy....

    Most people do not want to be spammed mixes by DJs they don't know. You'd be lucky if anyone at all actually listened to them. If you want to DJ in your local scene then you need to get out and meet people. Chances are if you spam them once, and they'll ignore you for the rest of eternity. If you're sending out tracks you've produced, then that's a different story because other artists will actually be interested. But making a mix, burning CDs, etc will just be a waste of time and resources.. Trust me on this.

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    I have a Digital Music Production teacher from college (who weirdly enough did a song with Tritonal?) tell me that back in the day people at big conferences would give each other business card sized CDs to each other with their demo reel on it(sound design, scores, production, etc.).

    I don't suggest doing that here though

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    What scene are you looking to get involved in?

    If you are looking to work in the local club scene, you need to learn who is involved. People are more likely to book their friends than local "talent." Also, they want to know you can have a draw and/or actually rock the crowd.

    Spamming your mix won't get you anywhere. If you are just looking to get yourself heard, attend local (non-club) events. Make sure you have a full CD (insert artwork, cd has artwork printed or stickered on, business card inside of cd case, and cross promote with a flyer for the next event you are attending).

    This alone will make you stand out from the random burned cd's left on tables. For your CD cover, utilized double sided printing and have the tracklist on the flipside.

    If you would like help, pm me.
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    Like said above.... You want to play you need to go out and meet the people, that's the only way these days.

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