A feature I need in Traktor
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    Default A feature I need in Traktor

    Hey it's been a while, i'm back. Another year older and that much more bitter about the dance music scene. Haha But I digress...

    I would love to have an option when I'm browsing in Traktor and I roll over a track with my mouse it will pop out a little static preview of the waveform. With the cue points on it also.

    So when I'm mousing around in my Traktor library i can get an idea of where certain punch in and out points are.

    This is something I need in Traktor, I doubt I'm the only one.

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    Never thought about this, sounds cool
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    For this to work Traktor would need to read the tracks tag to display the stripe...it can only do that if the track is loaded into a deck.
    Don't see this becoming a reality to be honest.

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    How about a downsized screenshot of the stripe with cues. could fit in an additional section of the browser, just like album art display. Not much more reading of tags than right now. Traktor would have to update the stripe-icon of a track after unloading the deck and once initially when analyzing.

    Would be nice to have cues visible in the preview player as an alternative.

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    RekordboxDJ shows a waveform preview in the browser. I would love to see Traktor adopt the same thing with cue point overlay. That would be sick.
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