How do they create mashup?
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    Default How do they create mashup?

    Happened to listen to mashup by Dzego and Torres. It was amazing and I just wonder if there's any software for creating mashups.

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    found this:

    personally i would just know my tunes and mix it with two compatible tunes.

    also Abelton.

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    Ableton's a bit expensive for just Mashups, but is going to also teach you some production techniques in the process.

    Mashup is OK... I own it, and it's probably fine if Mashups is going to be your end-all-be-all, but if you plan to get more serious, you'll outgrow it pretty quickly. You'll also probably end up wanting Mixed in Key to use with it, even though Mashup provides SOME key detection - it's just primitive by comparison, you won't get your actual track key, just "this track is 75% compatible with that track." If you do pick up MiK to go with it (assuming you don't already own it), then it will continue to serve you long after you've uninstalled Mashup.

    I agree with Hansfree, though... you can also create mashups in your DJ software - this is the core of my entire DJing technique. However, you'll get a cleaner result from Mashup or (of coz) the professional production software like Ableton, FruityLoops, Reason, etc., etc., etc.

    The key component to creating mashups, ultimately, is knowing the key of your tracks - they must be harmonically compatible for it to work.

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