[Deep House] cocodeep - My Soul is Deep 31
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    Default cocodeep - My Soul is Deep 31

    cocodeep - My Soul is Deep 31

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtra8 View Post
    cocodeep - My Soul is Deep 31
    I listened to your mix in my Audio-Technica headphones at work. Here's my feedback.

    - Lack of tracklist is a bummer. Especially considering that Mixcloud "should" force a tracklist? I am much more likely to listen to another of your mixes if you include the tracklist in the DJTT post.

    - Track selection was fine, but I'd call this closer to "progressive" house than I would call it "deep" house. Perhaps "deep progressive tech house"? There were no tracks that I really loved, but also no tracks that I really hated.

    - Most blends were pretty short, 4-8 bars. That's fine for some styles of music, but when you're playing songs for 3+ minutes, I really want to hear longer blends.

    - I presume you were using sync or similar, because there was no drifting of phase. I heard one mix where phase was a little off. In general levels and other technical concerns were fine, though I heard little active DJ mixing.

    - Overall progression of the mix was neither here nor there, I didn't feel like I was on any sort of mix journey.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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