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    Default DJM record mix CH2 Audacity

    Hi peops

    I want to record a mix with audacity.
    This is my set up: 2x technics 1210, DJM 750, Mac book air.

    My goal is to combine digital tracks via timecode with analoge records. Thats why I need to set "CH1" and "CH4" to "TIMECODE PHONO" in the mixer audio output.
    Unfortunately Audacity only records if "CH1" is set to "RECORD OUT".
    This means I can not play my digital tracks with timecode and record at the same time, because the only root for phono input is "CH1/CH4".
    Does anybody know an opportunity to set the record incomings for audacity to "CH2 (USB3/4)"?

    Thanks for your help

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    I've got a DJM900 but try opening your DJM 700 Setting Utility software and change channel 2 to record out... See if this screen grab helps

    Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 09.56.59.jpg

    failing that i'd run a phono to mini jack cable out the record out of your mixer to the jack input on your laptop and record like that? Though new MacBooks don't have those so dunno

    I got an external audio recorder personally... Zoom H4N... but you can get cheaper ones
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    Default Solved it

    Thanks for the good advise. I think this could be a proper way to fix it but i found an other solution.
    I started recording with ableton. Its possible to set ch2 for input there. If you should not own ableton - try the app Soundflower...

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