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    I'm new on the boards here, but I've lurked now for who knows how long. I thought I'd finally make a post somewhere other than the article comments and introduce myself... musically anyway.

    Anyway, last month I had a set on Boost.fm. Thought some of you would like it or at least like to trash it. It's a blend of originals and remix. Mostly progressive house with a tech/tribal flair. You can grab it here:


    And this is the track listing:

    1. Relaxed Progression / Dave Richards / Unsigned
    2. I Believed You / Dave Richards / Unsigned
    3. Everest / David Richards / PWM Records
    4. My House / Dave Richards / Next Dimension Music
    5. Sweet / Dave Richards / Unsigned
    6. Congee Village / David Richards / PWM Records
    7. Free My Soul / Dave Richards / Deeplife Records
    8. Amor De Hermanous (Dave Richards Remix) / Van Lazarux / Next Dimension Music
    9. Times Square / David Richards / PWM Records

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    Anybody check this out?

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