Grid anchors missing after moving from a PC to a Mac.
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    Default Grid anchors missing after moving from a PC to a Mac.

    Hi Guys,

    I've moved a Traktor library of some 40Gb of completely prep'd music. I didn't lock each file and actually, when I move the files, lots of the them (but not all the ones that weren't locked) lost their grids (but not all the cue points).

    This is extremely annoying, boarding on distressing.

    Can anyone shed any light on the best way to move libraries?

    Is there a way I can lock all the files on the PC library without going through each one and locking it? :-( If so, I'll lock them and move them over to the Mac again.

    Otherwise is there another reason what I'm doing went wrong?

    I just copied my main PC Traktor folder and put it in the relevant Mac Traktor library. Then opened Traktor and reset the paths to the correct files?

    Any good advice would be greatly appreciated right now.



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    You can select the entire library and lock the grids that way
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    Default Locking Libary - Worked it out

    Yeah actually there's a little trick to it.

    If you go to the 'All Tracks' (in Track Collections) folder in the browser tree, select all and then right click to 'Enable Analysis Lock' that will allow you to lock the lot in one go.

    After doing that Traktor writes ID3 meta data (specifically grid and tempo) to each individual music file which survives being moved to the new system.

    I used to work in support so I'm writing a big FAQ about migrating an existing PC Traktor system to a Mac system to which I'll post in the coming days.

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    This has happened to me a LOT of times and by trial and error, ive found the cause to be migrating from a newer Traktor version, to an earlier one.

    it doesnt happen the other way around (importing from older to a more recent version).

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