Hey folks-

New to DJing on CDJs and Rekordbox altogether. I typically spin for 3 hours, and mix pretty quick (~30 songs / hour). I don't plan my sets out at all, which is fine using smart folders and quick sorting on the computer, but I'm having a hell of a hard time staying nearly as fast using just CDJs. Does anyone have advice on how to prep files for easy searching and sorting when solely on USB sticks? As of now, it seems that CDJs are made more for people who have a somewhat set idea of what they'll be playing walking in.

Is there any universally preferred way to label tracks in Rekordbox for quick organization on the CDJ? (e.g. typing BPM and KEY in the Name field, etc.)

Is there any way to sort a folder by two categories within the CDJ? (e.g. all tracks by BPM and then KEY)

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!