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    Hey, there. New to the forums here, and it's my first post. So pls forgive any mistakes that i make here

    I recently sold off my Kontrol S2 and bought the S5. Now i need a decent bag to carry the S5 and other accessories too. Here's what I'll be carrying -
    • Kontrol S5 with Decksaver
    • Kontrol F1 with Decksaver
    • Kontrol X1 with Decksaver
    • 17" Windows Laptop
    • Microphone with 10m cable
    • Yamaha MG06 Mixer
    • V-Moda LP2 Headphones
    • USB Cables * 5
    • RCA, XLR, TRS Cables
    • Power Cables
    • Adapters
    • Spike Guard, Extension Board
    • UDG Laptop Stand
    • Flashlight
    • USB Sticks, Hard Drive
    • Ear Plugs
    • Some Documentation

    So I need a bag that'll be able to hold all this while I'm travelling. My 2 main requirements are that I should be able to carry it with me in a plane's cabin as i travel a lot (A flight case is a pain in the back) and it should hold all the above mentioned gear.

    So far I was considering the following bags -

    Any recommendations from the given list? New suggestions are welcome!

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    The Magma Riot XL would be my first choice in that group...and what I was going to suggest before I got to your list of potential bags. The re-configurable foam inserts are AWESOME! I do not have an S5 to check, but assuming the dimensions work out, this is a great bag.

    I pair that with a small "under seat," hard sided, spinner bag when flying. This is the wheels for the DJ bag (which can get to be surprisingly heavy). My bag is discontinued, but looks similar to this:

    This makes it MUCH easier to get through the narrow coach aisles without pummeling anyone sitting in the aisle seats to death. It's also REALLY nice when you have to wait in a line and don't feel like holding your bags, or shoving them across the floor.

    Given a 2 (or maybe 3) overnight trip (Fri-Sun), I can squeeze into these two bags and check nothing.
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    Don't know if the S5 fits in it but recenty I saw this used as a DJ bag. Quality seems on par with DJ brands for a 1/3 price. They also have a 15" size laptop/headphones/interface hardcase ;-)
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