Switching between Timecode and regular vinyl on a Rane mp2015
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    Default Switching between Timecode and regular vinyl on a Rane mp2015


    I am a vinyl only dj. or should i say: i was a analogue only guy. I will not give it up but i see a nice possibility with my brand new mp2015 mixer to bring in my own works into the mix.
    The mp2015 is capable to handle serato scratch live directly out of the soundcard of the mixer. That is very nice, because i could play my own tracks from serato with a timecode vinyl while i do my regular analog vinyl set.
    So far my thoughts on the new setup.
    At the moment I have two sl1200. One on channel 1 and the other on channel 4. On Channel 3 is an cycloops hardware sampler connected. Just a traditional techno setup.
    Now, with the new mp2015 baby it is possible to connect my Mac via USB to the soundcard of the mixer. But... can i switch between timecode and regular vinyl on the fly? And how?

    Thanks a lot for any ideas and insights .

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    You'd need to set-up your ins/outs in serato so that one of your TT's is behaving as a Timecode controller for one of the decks in Serato (and route it to channel 2 on the mixer) - then, just flip between "Phono (for vinyl)/USB (for the single Serato Deck)" on the mixer channel 2 input selector.

    It sounds like you have a nice set-up there, actually.

    I remember those Cycloops samplers - I VERY nearly bought one. I ended up getting a BOSS SP-202 instead, though. That's how long ago it was! Glad to hear the Cycloops has stood the test of time.

    Analogue/digital combination mixing is very possible - but (well, for me anyway) I ended up going all digital with a double timecode set-up, and replaced my 202 with the sampler in the software with a separate (pad) controller.
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    hey Patch,

    Thanks a lot. I will get my new table tomorrow and i will install the new mixer than. It sounds very easy to route so i give it a try.
    I am so excited. I love my new baby and can'T wait to play it in an other 6h session soon Maybe on Saturday.

    The Cycloops is very nice for me. It fits perfectly in my set and style. It's easy to bring into clubs where i used to play. Now, I am older and can afford the living-room mixers The digital world is very new to me. I worked in Studios, well but on the decks i loved it the basic way. I got a Rodex 180 series before. However the new opportunity of the mp2015 to mix my digital sources with timecode vinyls sounds like a lot of fun and endless new possibilities.
    think i need some time to figure it out.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Quote Originally Posted by petershaw View Post
    The mp2015 is capable to handle serato scratch live directly out of the soundcard of the mixer.
    If you're still using SSL...mp2015 only supports SeratoDJ, not SSL. And you need to purchase SeratoDJ + DVS licence (so called Club Kit).
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