Ddj sr platter keeps skipping
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    Default Ddj sr platter keeps skipping

    Hi guys im have a problem with my DDJ SR running Serato. When i hold the platter the song is ment to stop? When i hold the platter the song keeps skipping and jumping slightly, so it stops but keeps wanting to move forward. Happens on both decks, tried changing the latency. This problem is on and off but more on the off lmao

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    I'm not a Serato person, nor I have a DDJ SR, but I think that if you touch the platter on it's top (and not on the sides) while "vynil mode" (if it exists) is on, the track will stop, untill the pressure is over. If the pressure is followed by movement (clockwise or counter clockwise) it will make the track move forward or back with the same speed of your movement.

    If you use the sides of the plater you will pitch bend the track, but not manipulate it like vynil.

    I'm sorry if I didn't understand the problem, but I think that's it.
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    If you have vinyl mode engaged and you touch the top of the platter it should stop, like a turntable. Try adjusting the jog sensitivity, procedure is explained on page 29 of the SR's User Guide

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