a few more s8 questions :)
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    Default a few more s8 questions :)


    A few more questions if I may...

    1) In Ean's s8 tutorial video he says "I have the quantize set high..." (~5:00 min) which makes it sound like you can adjust the quantize, I can't find anywhere to do that...did I misunderstand his comment?

    2) is it possible to change the effects of Units 3 and 4 from the s8? I can change Units 1 and 2 as in the video, but not Units 3 and 4.

    3) I figured out the answer to this...

    4) on my s4, when I had a loop selected, if I held shift and rotated the loop knob, the loop would move +/- 1. on my s8, when I hold shift and rotate knob, the loop moves +/- loop length. I don't like that, I want the +/- 1. is it possible to change this setting?

    thank you!!
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    Assuming the s8 mapping is modifiable (I think it is), you can achieve number 4 by mapping the knob + shift button combo to the move command under Deck Common > Move in the controller editor. Make sure you have override factory map checked and the command assigned to the right deck.

    Also make sure the Move mode on the deck is set to move, instead of beatjump, loop in, or loop out. Set the value in the Move bar to 1.

    Number 2 should also be doable with a bit of clever shift layer mapping, but you may lose access to other functions from the controller if you write over the button/knob/encoder/slider + shift combinations you would normally use to access them.

    If you need any help feel free to ask me, or I'm sure Stewe will be along sometime in the near future, helpful dude that he is.
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    2 is easy, see page 140 of your s8 manual
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    4) Only the 4-Faders, 4-Encoders and 8-Pads are mappable at this stage.

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