Yo! im new to these threads, been producing for about 5 years i use ableton 9.5 generally with serum and kontact.

i finally have a legitimate set up at my house so im spending way more time making music and trying to come up with new ways to promote it. The other day a producer Chops Junkie held a challenge to encourage artists to make 3 songs in 3 days. And also to stream it live on twitch. Well lets just say it took me forever to get ready to stream my internal sound along with my video.

I dont really like Twitch to much at the moment it was not user friendly but it seems to be trending and can help link me with an organic audience that responds to me. I have a youtube channel thats fairly successful but ive never done a live stream so this was a new experience. i thought i could route ableton to OBS, the software u need to broadcast your video, but it wasnt reading my interface. After way to much time rooting through links i found SoundFlower and LineIn. So now i set it up to stream but i kinda burned myself out being stuborn at first, in disbelief that OBS can't play my internal sound... Twitch witch is normally a videogame streaming site is all Windows based and for some reason OS X is struggling with this sort of virtual sound interface.

So i stream for a lil under the same name, DirtyDenaEdm, but i didnt go that far with it. Now i wana play with my traktor s4 mk2, and i start wondering oh hey this is a tottaly different interface i wonder if OBS will recognize it. it did recognize it but it beats me how to send the sound from traktor to OBS. Then i scroll through the traktor preferences and find a whole page on broadcasting.

Got me very interested i didnt find to much on it thats how i wound up here, so do any of you ever live stream with ableton or traktor? if so what server (twitch,youtube,etc) and what software are you using to route your sound. Id be SO grateful on any input and maybe tutorials on using traktor to route sound back to my compute live? is that possible with out an interface? thank you for reading and keep making those sweet chunes