Time Balance for the College DJ
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    Default Time Balance for the College DJ

    I'm a full time student taking 15 credits this semester and haven't been able to work on DJ'ing or music production. It seems like everytime I get the chance I get hit with a lengthy assignment! This is what I want to pursue after college even with my degree. I work part time, & go to class, along with doing all the "regular life" things such as laundry, food shopping, etc. Any advice on time management from fellow students or full time workers who do this on the side?

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    When I was a student, I volunteered at a college radio station. That forced me to mix and practice constantly (because you don't want to sound like crap on the airwaves!) as well as meet like minded individuals who enjoyed the same thing as me.

    Other than that, find the time. If you have free time, work on music. Instead of going out, stay in. Don't play games or watch TV, go mix. Make friends with people who also want to be DJs or producers and push each other to be better.

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    I think it depends on the type of person you are.

    I've always tried to be really efficient with my time, so I tried to pay extra attention in class so I don't have to study as much later. The way I learn best is to "kick tires" and "look under the hood" with any of the subjects that I was taugh (I graduated with a B.S., Economics degree), and i think it worked fairly well for me.

    Granted you're going to have to make some sacrifices, but that's going to be a constraint due to there only being 24 hours in a day.

    My best suggestion is to give up drinking booze (if you do) and/or smoking pot (if you do) so you have enough energy and focus to get your tasks done.

    I'm doing this for the most part right now, as I'm working full time and pursuing my MBA in finance.

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    I find it a bit hard to believe that you don't have the time.

    I often have to pull 14+ hour days at work, and I still manage to find time for DJing. As already mentioned in this thread: find the time.

    On a more serious note--if you are really struggling to find free time because of schoolwork, you may have a learning disability which is causing you to devote more time than needed to these types of tasks. It could be worth speaking with your doctor about.

    Either way, I hope you get a nice break to return to your passion in the near future.
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    I'm in college and still balance getting gigs on the weekends. It's all for the love of DJing... you'll find time to make it happen! I find it very relaxing at the end of a day of classes to sit down and find new music and manage my library.

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    You need to decide whether you want to keep immaculate grades or have spare time for yourself. A lot of students make a compromise on their assignment quality because they want to maintain a really good social life.

    These kinds of people don't consider keeping top grades to be a priority for a lot of reasons. But in general, college grades aren't as important as just passing and graduating unless you are doing something after/during your undergrad that specifically requires top marks like grad school, prestigious internships, or academic honors-type things.

    Do what you need to maintain your scholarships if that's your case, but if you want spare time for a social life or DJing in college don't worry about top marks.

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