Been a while since I'd touched the decks. Was fun to grab a bunch of records and just go. Primarily late 90's stuff.

Here's the results...

Babe Instinct - Disco Babes From Outer Space
Studio 45 - Freak It (Brutal Bill Remix)
H.O.G. presents Groovelines - Got to Dance Disco (DJ Escape Rmx ?)
Double 99 - Ripgroove
Angel Alanis & Rees Urban - Blackjack
Adrenaline - Shut the F*** Up & Dance (Richard Humpty Vission's Clean Radio Edit)
Joe Montana - Untitled (off The Classic E.P. on Aquarius Recordings)
Ron Trent - Manifesto (Bewe Effect)
Afrika Bambaataa - Just Get Up & Dance (Trumpet Mix)
Ultraworld - Life After Death (6 AM Electric Bass Mix)

I might be off on some of the remix names - don't remember exactly which tune off each record I played.