midi cable routing ableton..
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    Default midi cable routing ableton..

    Hello forum!

    I need your help! I use Traktor and Ableton and the machine plugin in ableton.. Now i want to synd Ableton and traktor via midi cable. I don't want to use internal midi.. But i can't find how to do the setup!

    If i use Maschine software everything works via cable, but i need to use Ableton and why not sync both ableton and maschine with traktor..

    why i want the maschine software is that i want the step sequencer.
    and i know there is somehow a way to get the step sequencer in ableton, but i can't find it..

    My setup is: Traktor Kontrol S8, TKF1, Maschine, Mfc (Ableton one shots) and mf3d (my own insta grat mapping and one shots for Ableton).

    can anyone help me with the routing??

    and one more thing.. Why is it a small delay between Traktor and Maschine software even though i use the midi cable and i need to use the offset?
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