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    Default Sysex docs

    Quote Originally Posted by chmedly View Post
    Slayde mentioned early in this thread that they had reverse engineered all the sysEx messages for configuring the MFT. Is this documented somewhere? I'm planning to eventually wade through the firmware code but there are only so many brain cells to spare at the moment and I think I can do what I need with the LED ladder mode (dot, bar, blendedbar) and has_detent controls. This thread
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    gives me a running start at the [dot, bar, blendedbar] but if there is more info about how to configure these things available, can someone let me know?

    Lastly, there was a firmware update in 2018 but the firmware in github is still from 2016. So, I guess we don't have the latest firmware in the public domain?
    Just wanted to "upvote" this!
    If we can have a peak of the sysex docs the community can start to interact better with the controller which is awesome! (the only thing missing at this time i think is the ability to change settings on the fly!)

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    We're getting a couple of people wanting to take on modding the firmware now.

    +1 to this, since I'm after having more banks. Let's get an updated repository if it hasn't already happened by now.

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    Hi twister users,

    I would like to propose 2 features for the twister :
    - ability to send midi program change
    - ability to set min/max values for encoders (for exemple have knob start at 32 and go to 119 or start at 127 and go to 0 for instance).

    I don't think it will be a big deal to implement this and it will be a great improvement

    Thank you guys

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