So I haven't had the time to sit down and make a proper mix in years, but I got the itch to hit the record button and this is what came out of it. Go ahead and let me know where I did bad and where I did good. It's all terribly out of date and poorly mixed, but it's one take and it's just some songs that I like.


Spirit - Star Ship - Horizons Music
Greg Packer, Physics & FX909 - Inside Tonight - Fokuz Recordings
Kator - Ebula - Liquid Drumz
Alix Perez ft Redeyes - Watching U - Prestige Music
Logistics - West Country - Hospital Records
BCEE & Lomax ft Deezim - One Year On (VIP) - Innerground
Twisted Individual - Out There (Amaning Remix) - Grid Recordings
Quadrant - Only Mortal - Fokuz Recordings
Total Science - Squash - Advanc//d Recordings
Total Science - Make Me Feel - CIA
Konflict - Messiah - Renegade Hardware
Hive - Neo (Audio Remix) - RAM Recordings