Need help with xone 42 setup
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    Default Need help with xone 42 setup

    So I just got my Xone 42, and I also have a Xone K2.
    My Xone 42 came with just a powercord, now I am wondering what else I need to get things going.
    Do I need another K2 in order to get sound from all 4 channels?
    I'm pretty sure I need to get 4 RCA cables for the channels, where are the other 4 ends of the RCA going to go??
    Really stumped here guys, need some help.

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    The K2 only has 2 stereo channels. So, yes you need 2 K2 if you want 4 channels.

    You connect the K2 with one pair of RCA cables and a pair of 3.5mm jack to RCA. The RCA output on the K2 is on the back and the jack is on the front.

    This video shows how.

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