Sold my S2 for a Z2 and a pair of Reloop rp7000.
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    Default Sold my S2 for a Z2 and a pair of Reloop rp7000.

    As Stated I made the switch from a S2 to some turntables. I must admit admit, it seems to be night and day.

    After owning the S2 for about 3 years and using it just in the house as a hobby, I came to the decision that i needed turntables. I play Dancehall ,Reggae, Hiphop and soca and i found the S2 to be limiting. Anyhow, since I am new any help would be awesome.

    I am having some problems adjusting the counterweight, Adjusting the Anti skate and adjusting the tone Arm. I checked YouTube but most of the videos seem out dated.

    My setup
    Reloop 7000(used)
    Traktor Z2(used) Does anyone know where i can get oringal faceplates?
    Reloop concord Blue
    Mac book bro(used)

    I will post pictures of my setup once i set up.
    Also, i am hoping to keep this thread going with my training sessions and progress.


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    There are PLENTY of vids on tonearm balancing on youtube. Just check the Technics ones, and the method will be exactly the same for the Reloops.

    Essentially, you want to balance your tonearm so that it stays horizontal, then zero out the weight, then add the necessary weight according to your cart manufacturer. You may need additional headshell weights/counter-balance weights.
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