Revisiting an old issue I have had. Basically I am wondering if anyone else has had success syncing into or out of Traktor via Xponent, and if yes, how did you do it? Trying to get Traktor to sync from an external midi source (boss rc-50 loop pedal) and also send midi to a KP3 via the Xponent Midi in/out ports (basically a midi thru). Either of these alone even would be great.

At this point, I can not get it to send or receive ANY midi at all. Have verified that there is midi clock running to the "in" cable (by connecting it to the KP3). Unsure how to verify midi is coming out of Xponent.

The Xponent manual only has 2 sentences on midi syncing, not helpful. All drivers and firmware are up to date. Followed the tutorial off NI site to the letter, still nothing. There are no options in Xponent software that indicate anything Midi. I feel it is just "suppose to work" but doesn't.

Next step is to buy another usb->midi interface to verify it is the Xponents (lack of) midi transmitting, but would rather it not come to that. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Anyone know how I can verify if clock signals are being sent/received?