Stanton T.92 are they any good for mixing?
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    Default Stanton T.92 are they any good for mixing?

    Just bought a pair of Stanton T.92 could any one tell me if they are any good for mixing or am I going to be disappointed, I know how to beat mix just bought a amp and speakers to go with them. Been mixing for over 20 years now, but like my vinyl as it easier to get my old skool house from the 90's. Did have a kontrol s4 but would rather synchronize myself. Really looking forward to getting back into vinyl with amp and speakers and decks has set me back 700.

    I noticed their have been no reply's to my post so I will add some stuff in myself, so when people are looking for some reviews on this turntable they will fine this post. This is a amazing turntable for the money. Yes you can beat with this turntable and it is very accurate. I have had more trouble with my CDJ-400's getting them to beat match than the turntables themselves. If I was going to rate one over the other, I think the stanton T.92 is much better. I am seriously thinking about getting rid of the CDJ-400 and buying another turntable, as I just can't get on with it. I just don't like the feel of CDJ-400, but it just might be me, because I learn't to mix on 1210's and I just can't get my head around them. The jog wheel feels cheap and nasty to me, really not liking the CDJ-400's they feel like something you could buy out of a 1 shop.
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