drop-outs/pops whilst recording in traktor
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    Default drop-outs/pops whilst recording in traktor

    hi there i did a mix last night and there are a load of weird audio artefacts in there. it's never happened before but before i was using a low-end soundcard so i had my output set at 44khz whereas last night i was using a firebox and 96khz with a lower latency - could that be the reason?

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    Try running it at 44.1khz or 48khz and if that doesn't work try increasing the latency inside traktor.

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    mines been doing the same thing, i dont know to blame my hd or my soundcard and asio settings, its quite frustrating.


    has there been a fix for the 1.5hour or so lockdown that 1.2 has been giving everyone? its driving me bonkers.

    thanks and gl tweaking, happy turkey gay
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