Korg Nano Key 2, Serato Companion.
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    Default Korg Nano Key 2, Serato Companion.

    I currently use a Korg Nano Key 2 as a companion controller for Serato DJ DVS.

    The top keys are mapped for cues 1-5 for each deck.
    the bottom keys are mapped for 4,8,16 and 32 count loops, a reloop button and a load button.

    The green stickers are used to navigate the up, down song or crate lists and as a switch between crate or library scrolling.

    does anyone else use a similar setup? I'm rather happy about this controller setup, I've been using it for a few years now.

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    I used to use a VERY similar set-up with a BOSS DR-202 with DJ Decks. I've often found that developing a system that works for you with the gear you have (rather than buying new!) is always a better way to go.

    and sticky labels are usually a MUST.
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    I used an Akai MPD I had sitting around from my failed first attempt at production and used that with Serato to give myself custom controls. It was the INCREDIBLY helpful from the standpoint of learning to DJ because I had to break down which features of the program were the most important to me.

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